Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Nine-Month Hiatus, Not for Gestation

It's hardly a shame to abandon a blog that nobody reads. But all the same, now that summer has arrived, you'll be treated to more feminist film musings from this ladybrain. The good news is that after a nine-month hiatus to start school and a new job, there's plenty still to say about women's representation in the media. The bad news is that it's mostly the same defensive reaction against Hollywood bullshit. Eh, that's OK. Feminists love to complain.

I'm sure you'll find that after two semesters in a liberal-arts program, my film critiques will now be peppered with pompous grad-school neologisms and vocabulary misuse: The invention of "problematize" and the erroneous use of "reify" to mean "strengthen" are among my favorite blowhard usages. Though the first two semesters of my women's studies master's program were rough on my schedule, I did learn a ton about feminist theory, media analysis and film theory. So hopefully my reviews will be beefed with more feminist cred and more nuanced film analysis.

So while I'm on summer break, I hope to bring you more reviews of current films (I was a bad, bad feminist and didn't see Bridesmaids on opening weekend, but that's on the docket for Friday); a series on black-film history (inspired by my class at Howard University last semester); and a few posts on John Hughes films, Battlestar Galactica and feminist psychoanalytic film theory--just to make sure my 200ish pages of final papers weren't a complete waste of time.

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  1. Yay! I love reading your reviews! Glad you are back!