Friday, February 26, 2010

If a dude team did this, think it would be a big deal?

The Canadian women's hockey team won Olympic Gold! They're pumped about it!

They celebrated by drinking some beer and champagne and smoking some cigars on the ice, after the stadium emptied. Some people are freaking out and writing newspaper stories about it. The AP wrote a story about it, and, I think, brought it to the attention of the IOC, who are "looking into the matter."

Also, there's some femininity-policing in there. They were "guzzling" beer, and doing TOTES GAY things like pouring champagne in to each other's mouths.

My contention is that if a men's team did this: no story. Or a "boys will be boys, they earned their celebration, look how happy they are..." type story. Dudes acting "like dudes"? A-OK. Women acting "like dudes"? Fucking shameful. I mean, it's bad enough that they play hockey, amirite?

I must say, though. There was one kind of funny moment in the story, which was this:

"Steve Keough, a spokesman for the Canadian Olympic Committee, said the COC had not provided the alcohol nor initiated the party.

"In terms of the actual celebration, it's not exactly something uncommon in Canada," he said.

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