Friday, September 18, 2009

Back in the Game

Hello there new wave feminists. Because of some family issues and being so busy in general that L and I constantly battle the urge to curl up with her kept-in-the-office down jacket and pass out in our cubes, we've been too exhausted to blog.

Fortunately, I'll have some fodder from a Women's Studies course I'm taking (stay tuned for some analysis on why Michelle Obama's hairstyle is important), and I'll soon be tackling some sort of film analysis as a thesis and writing sample for grad school. So send L and I good vibes for the GRE as well. I'll advise on my Women's Studies projects as they come up--taking a cue from Tiger Beatdown and some other kick-ass femme bloggers, I'm thinking of writing my thesis on some of the all-American woman-hating John Hughes classics.

But to ease us back into the wide world of ladybrained analysis, let's just take it easy this Friday, and kick it back to school with the ever-awesome Sarah Haskins.

P.S. I had some weird high-school nostalgia feelings yesterday as I watched a 90s-riffic movie while making friendship bracelets and skipping school, I mean work. Aaaah, yes, that was about one-quarter of my high school experience. The Rilo Kiley soundtrack didn't help matters much.

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  1. Wonderful episode! "It's not about fucking in da club. Yet." She's wonderful. Those commercials hurt my brain, though. I can't believe companies are slinging their brands with that bullshit. Rockstare? Blingatude?

    I love the potential topic of your thesis. I was just talking about that with my roommates regarding all the Judd Apatow movies.

    "Sigh... bet there's cool drugs at that party."